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original ellie + ott Books

Join Ellie, Ott, and their families on a new adventure each month and watch as they grow alongside your child. Our books are carefully designed to match your baby’s development, with words and sounds to expand vocab and illustrations that grow from black and white to full color as your baby’s eyes develop. Also, if you look carefully, you’ll be able to spot overlaps between the playtime activities or parent skills in each month!


playtime activity ideas

We partnered with child psychologists to ground every goal, activity, and fun fact in developmental science, but you won’t need a PhD in psych to understand this info. We use simple terms and break down complex ideas into bite-size chunks because, lets face it, you’ve got enough on your plate right now. We cram our cards full of insight into your baby’s development and give you ideas you can implement in moments to make playtime with your baby more fun and meaningful.


Parent Skill-building strategies

The first few years are so critical for your baby’s learning, but parent’s often forget how important it is for them too! We wanted to give you a leg up by introducing you to a new skill that is specifically paired with your stage of parenthood. Things like SurvivalMode, BeastMode, and ChillMode. We give you concrete strategies to hone your parenting chops, because after all, no one went to school to learn to be a parent. Could you imagine designing a spaceship without learning rocket science first? Oh boy, doesn’t being a rocket scientist sound way easier than being a parent somedays?


Our characters

Ellie + Ott were created specifically to represent different key values of our product. Elephants represent learning and nurturing, while otters symbolize a love for fun and activity. You’ll notice in the stories that we always use the parent’s names, instead of simply Ott’s mom or Ellie’s dad. It was really important to us that parents retain their semblance of self, so we wanted to embody that in our characters. As the books progress in months, we crafted stories to reflect the real-life parenting experiences that accompany a growing child. Just as Max, Anne, Nina, and Jack are progressing in their parenting journeys, Ellie + Ott are also growing and learning along the way!