Our story

For years I wanted to write a children’s book, but never in my wildest dreams did I envision a series of books, coupled with playtime activities and parent skills, all grounded in developmental and behavioral science. The first three years of life is so critical for later learning and I love how we’ve condensed all of the developmental science to share with parents everywhere, helping them to feel more confident in raising the next generation. We put a lot of time and intention into crafting these products and I can’t wait for you to experience what we created!


Our consulting team

Helen Maier

Helen is an accomplished writer and illustrator and is instrumental in bringing these characters to life. Helen’s background working with young children has infused so much inspiration into these products and her creativity continues to impress us and our families.

Sharon Lo, Phd

Sharon’s knowledge of early childhood development has given our activities a strong backbone in developmental science. Her history working with parents has also helped to shape the skill-building strategies we share in each product.


Stephanie Peters, PsyD

Steph's passion for helping children and their parents live their best lives combined with her hobby of reading scientific articles for fun added a parent-centered and science-centered perspective to Ellie and Ott's content.

In addition to our contributing consultants, Ellie + Ott's content has been informed by advisors with backgrounds in supporting child and parent behavioral health.